3 Dump Trailer Facts You Probably Don’t Know

If you’re a new dump trailer owner, you probably noticed there’s a lot to learn about this particular piece of machinery. Not only do you need to learn about how all of the trailer parts work, you need to learn how to tow it, load it and dump it safely and successfully. Well, with that spirit of learning in mind, let’s take a moment to consider some interesting facts about dump trailers that even the most experienced dump trailer operator may not know.

Here are 3 fascinating dump trailer facts:

Fact 1: Dump Trailers (Wagons) Date Back to at Least 1884

The Graff & Hipple Wagon Dumper was a lever-based mechanism that could be added to any wagon, allowing its contents to be dumped. The patent for the Wagon Dumper was filed by the Albany, Indiana based company, and was approved in 1884. Graff & Hipple sold their invention nationwide, and the dump wagon began its long and storied history.